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  • Mental health
  • New parents & parenthood
  • Fertility
  • Menopause
Bloss for Business
Bloss can help your workforce in 4 main areas
Mental Health
of working parents are experiencing burnout. 10% of women experience a mental health problem while pregnant or soon after giving birth.
of employees would consider changing their job for better fertility benefits. 1 in 6 couples experience fertility challenges.
New parents & parenthood
New parents & parenthood
of working parents with children under 10 are considering leaving the workforce or reducing their hours due to stress
of women experiencing menopause consider leaving their job due to symptoms.
Why Bloss for your Business?
Bloss experts support your staff, when they need it.
  • Free access for all your employees to our premium expert resources
  • 1-1 advice from our experts in the clinic
  • Bespoke workplace workshops and programmes to fit your budget and needs
  • A cost-effective way to boost your internal initiatives
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Retain your top talent and increase job satisfaction
  • Provide ERGs and employees running internal family, parents & carers networks with support and resources

Mental Health
Mental Health Mental Health

The pandemic has tested us all, but working parents have been pushed to their absolute limits over the last two years.

The work-life boundaries were blurred for many of us, and there was a dramatic rise in stress and mental health issues, with 60% of adults reporting that their mental health worsened during the pandemic.

The impact continues to affect many workers, it is more important than ever to strike the right balance between work and family life.

This is where Bloss comes in.

Fertility Fertility

In the UK alone, one in six couples experience fertility difficulties, around 3.5 million people – the majority of whom are in paid employment, reluctant to speak to their employer because they are afraid of the impact it may have on their career.

Some people end up reducing their hours or leaving employment entirely as a result of their fertility issues. Challenging for employers both operationally and financially, staff need to feel supported.

Are you ready to start the conversation? Bloss aims to work with your business to remove barriers so that your employees feel supported during this often challenging time.

New parents & parenthood
New parents & parenthood New parents & parenthood

Having a child can turn your world upside down – and returning to work after having a baby can put parents at a real crossroads. Almost a fifth of parents have been forced into quitting their job due to extortionate childcare costs, and a lack of flexible working options forces many parents to stop working or change career.

Employers can support parents in numerous ways, including subsidies, flexible work arrangements and bloss.

Menopause Menopause

Up to a third of women will experience severe menopausal symptoms that impacts their quality of life. However, it is working women of menopausal age who report greater difficulty in managing their symptoms and can feel embarrassed and unable to disclose their menopausal status due to a lack of support, awareness and recognition of this life stage.

Everyone deserves the help and support of experts to help them navigate the challenging milestones in their lives. This is particularly important during major events like parenthood, fertility difficulties, miscarriages and menopause which, without adequate support, can have a major impact on a person’s ability to work.

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