Want to make some cash, or simply make some room? You’ll need to know how best to sell old baby clothes. When your little one is now not-so-little, and all that delicious milk has turned them into a healthy little chubby cuddle-monster, it’s time again to switch out the wardrobe. You can expect your baby to triple their birth weight in the first year and be around one and a half times as long as they were at birth on their first birthday. That’s a lot of growing! It’s no surprise that you want to investigate how to sell their baby clothes so that you can get more in! For such small humans, babies tend to come with mountains of clothes. From gifts and hand-me-downs to overbuying because the cuteness factor got you, you can find your baby’s wardrobe bursting, even before they start outgrowing. This guide doesn’t just look at the best places to sell baby clothes online in the UK, but we also look at how to prepare them for sale, and indeed, how to decide what to sell.

Taking your first steps: getting ready to sell baby clothes

We know you want to sell your baby’s clothes, but we’ve got to be honest – it’s not always a quick and easy process. We highly recommend considering what is worth the effort and what would be better coming out of the wardrobe in a different way. For example, you can recycle favourite old baby clothes into a memory bear, or women’s refuges often require supplies of baby clothes.
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