My Little Foodie’s mission is to help parents form healthy eating habits for their little ones, for life. Our carefully crafted recipe boxes are designed to meet your child’s nutritional needs from first tastes through to family meals. With easy to follow recipes and all the fresh, organic ingredients you need delivered right to your door they really take the stress out of weaning and feeding the whole family!

Why use My Little Foodie?

  • Learn to cook perfectly balanced meals for your little ones
  • Save time & money on recipe planning and shopping
  • No hidden nasties. From farm to fork, you know exactly what’s in the food
  • Freshly prepared food gives greater variety with tastes & textures. This can positively impact children’s eating behaviors and may reduce fussy eating behavior.
  • Children can develop a greater understanding of what’s in their food, and how fresh ingredients become meals
  • A varied diet with exposure to over 100 ingredients within any stage supporting healthy growth & development
  • Freshly prepared meals have a higher content of foods that provide key nutrients for children e.g. protein/iron-rich foods, which are typically low in ready-made meals
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